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Looks like many artists are receiving their contributor copies of Voltron: United and Drawn… still waiting on mine, hopefully it will arrive any day now. Once it does I'll post up my artwork for it and what page you can find it on.

All of my Bettie Page artwork has been approved, now I have to wait until the set's release to post them, which means no BP art until June/July. :(  I really think this is some of the best sketch card work I've ever done, can't wait to show it off! :)

I also haven't mentioned much, if anything, about this anywhere but I did do sketch cards for Star Wars Galaxy 6. I approached the subject matter differently than usual. I spent a good chunk of my Christmas vacation laboring over these to meet the deadline. I hope collectors appreciate my work. :yoda:

Look for a handful of painted sketch cards in the next wave of Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Era Crime from Cult-Stuff, which should be available any time now (if not already). I'll post them here once I know they're out there. Should have some other work in future Cult-Stuff releases as well. Stay tuned...

Have some commissions to catch up on... other than that nothing really major or pressing on my plate at the moment, it's nice to be able to breathe a bit. If I owe you artwork, I haven't forgotten you! And I still have sketchbooks available for $5.

Oh, and if you live in or near Chicago, and if the planets align (which as of right now it appears they will), I may be visiting you in September... :)
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Submitted on
February 3, 2011