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So I finally shipped off the last pieces of my secret monster project! Now I'm cranking to get other things done that I've pushed off while this took over my life. And I'm trying to get ready for Chicagoland which is already just a month away! The Rolling Stones were wrong - time is NOT on my side!! :frustrated:

Thanks to my family for putting up with me being so tied up with everything - I love you! :hug:  Also, for those of you who I owe waaaaay overdue commissions, they're coming soon! Thanks so much for all your patience while I get myself in order here, it's been pretty chaotic.

No rest for the weary though - Soon enough I'll be working on Night of the Living Dead from Unstoppable Cards. This is a dream set for me. If they follow it up with a Dawn of the Dead set I just may explode. :zombie:

The Bettie Page Private Collection release is right around the corner too, should be exciting! There has been a ton of buzz and promotion for the set, it looks poised to be a big success. I've been trying to track down all the promos for the set, I'm only missing a few. If any of you San Diego Comic Con-goers got one of the Prismatic versions of the CC promo, let me know!

Then I may take it easy for a while with official stuff (I think I say this every year). I'm sure Star Wars Galaxy 7 is lurking, I've already got some cool ideas and reference at the ready. Would be nice if they waited until after Christmas to ship them out, it's REALLY tough to get them done during the Holidays. I don't think collectors would mind waiting until April or May for another set. :yoda:
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If you haven't pre-ordered your Horrorfind 13 shirt with EXCLUSIVE image on the back, what are you waiting for? There's only less than 10 hours to do so!!

Get it here ---->… :zombie:

Horrorfind Weekend 13 by tdastick
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Anyone know where :iconscottyshoemaker: has been? He hasn't updated anything in 9 months. I've got an outstanding commission with him, any notes I've sent him over the months have gone unnoticed. Hopefully everything's ok, he just kinda fell off the planet.
Oh so close... should be done my insane-o project soon. The light at the end of the tunnel never looked better. :eager:

What really sucks is I probably won't be able to post what I've been drawing for a good few months. :(
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So, did you go? Got a report somewhere I can check out? Figured by now I'd see stuff everywhere, kind of disappointed in the lack of reporting on the show. :(  I never did get around to submitting something for the program, just couldn't find the time. I really wanted to do something for the Spy vs Spy anniversary.

In other news......... I'm still pretty tired all the time. I am NOT a night person, staying up well past my bedtime drawing every freaking night is wearing me way thin. I'm glad to be busy, but holy crap, I never thought my current projects would take me as long as they have been. All I can do is keep at it and look for that light at the end of the tunnel!

I posted all of my Vampirella sketch cards. I'm not all that familiar with the character aside from what she looks like, so I went at them differently than any other sets I've worked on. It's hard to keep someone looking consistent without a specific person to reference, I applaud comic artists who can draw a regular guy and make him look the same throughout a book. Some of them I thought came out pretty stellar considering I got to them at the 11th hour.

I also recently posted the artwork for the next Horrorfind Convention shirts and programs, make sure you check it out especially if you want to pre-order one. Last year's sold out pretty early on, so make sure you get yours now! I won't be attending again this year, but it's always cool to see pics of a crowd of people wearing your design. Props to my buddy Walt Sablotny for his awesome pencil work, as usual!

Looking forward to Chicagoland in September… but I'm also looking forward to possibly getting a day or two of rest in before! :sleep:
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Soundgarden just about killed me last night, but it was so awesome!!

Back to reality... and the numerous projects on my plate. I'm behind on my "super secret" project, which I'm actually catching back up on. I'm putting everything I've got into this when I'm not at work or at being a good Daddy, I really hope the end result is as awesome as it sounds!

Still got Dungeon Dolls to wrap up soon on top of this, and in the meantime trying to catch back up on my commissions. Got a few Bettie Page cards to do (from the Philly show) and some others. I can't begin to tell everyone how much I appreciate their patience. So much got put on hold with the "secret" project that I'll be quite happy when I finish that last piece!

Also been hard at work doing my part on the new Horrorfind convention shirt design. Going in a totally different direction than usual and it's looking pretty fantastic so far. So for those of you wondering, hopefully it won't be too much longer before pre-orders begin.

Far as I know I'm on board for Night of the Living Dead from Unstoppable Cards. Not sure when the blanks are going to arrive, but they can take their good old time! If this gets delayed til Winter I'll be a happy camper. I'm gonna need September and October off from official projects just to put some sanity back into the fold, but if those are due then, so be it. I'm sadly getting used to running on less than 4 hours of sleep.

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I'm really exciting I'm going to see Soundgarden tonight! They've been my favorite band since I was 13 years old and I never got to see them live. I acted too late on their last tour in 1996 and missed getting tix, figuring I'd just see them next time. Then they broke up, I didn't think they'd ever get back together!!

So I figured I'd do a quick little feature on some Soundgarden-inspired artwork. Check em out!

Chris Cornell II by disdaindespair Fourth of July by Anuwolf Fell on Black Days by kuschelirmel

kim thayil by marvinhole Chris Cornell - Early 90's by EddieSaysEvolve Chris Cornell Badmotorfinger by childproof

Drown me in you! :music:
I'll be a guest at the final Chicagoland Entertainment Expo. See you there! :)
Asking another favor from the DA community.... my daughter is up for voting on Gerber's Facebook page to win a $50,000 scholarship.

Vote today, vote every day! :hug:…


My baby is so beautiful. :love:
Hey gang, looking for a little help if you've got a minute.... the design that ran on a while ago is up for voting on right now. If you could click on it and hook me up with some "5" votes, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks a bunch! :)

The Dark Side of the Triforce - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

*****Only one more day left to vote. Thanks to everyone who helped me so far, much appreciated!
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Over the past few weeks, I've learned more about the U.S. Presidents than I've ever cared to know! Why, you ask? I can't tell you yet. But I'm also diving deeply into the First Ladies as well. Just know that I've been extremely busy at the drawing table lately.

/cryptic journal entry

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Missed out on the last one, hopefully I can be part of it next year! :yoda:

Star Wars Galaxy 4- Death Star by tdastick
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Wow, what a blast! I was so busy from start to finish! Was great to hang out with so many awesome sketch card pals (somehow Rhi eluded me most of the weekend, even though her table was right next to mine :picknose:). Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to chat and buy some artwork. :)

There's a bunch of reports and photos here:…

Best part of the weekend for a zombie fanboy: Trying on a Walking Dead shirt by tdastick

Also, the Sketch Artist Panel on Sunday morning was way fun - Rhi, Axebone, Tony Perna and myself answered questions from the group. Here's a link to the video… I think the panel part starts around 15 minutes in (haven't watched it yet).

Back to the drawing board!! :work:
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Don't forget, I'll be set up at the Philly Non-Sport Card Show in Allentown beginning tomorrow:…

Also featured artists: :iconaxebone: :icondangerous-beauty778: :icons-von-p: :iconelaineperna: :icontonyperna:
Special Guest Appearance by :iconlaurainglis: :D

I just posted a bunch of personal sketch cards I'll have available, as well as sketch books, larger pieces, Voltron books, etc. etc. etc.... and I'll be taking on-site commissions. Hopefully you'll see something you like. :)

Gandalf vs Balrog PSC by tdastick Buzz Lightyear PSC by tdastick Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead by tdastick

I'll also have a limited amount of FREE Cult-Stuff promo items to give out. First come, first served!!


TODAY Friday the 13th is $5.00 Donation Day for Scares That Care, with proceeds benefiting sick children. It's just $5, but it can go a long way. Plus, you could win some cool prizes like an Xbox 360! Details below and on their Facebook page (which I can't seem to post a direct link to)...

Folks, there is only one Friday the 13th this year. Let's make it special for sick kids by having everyone interested donate $5.00 to "Scares that Care!" Remember, every single penny we raise goes to the kids! We are collecting for the"Make-A-Wish" Foundation! Donate on Friday, May 13th, 2011!

Donations can be made directly through paypal to;! It's only five bucks! There will be random Prizes awarded......everyone who donates is eligible!


An XBox 360 Video Game Console
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A copy of "Fallout 3" for the Xbox 360
Autographed Picture of Bruce Campbell


Scares That Care logo by tdastick
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Currently working on:

• Catching up on commissions! (I don't think I'll ever be caught up :()

• Getting ready for Allentown next weekend!!…

• Vampirella!!!

• Dungeon Dolls!!!!…

• Other card sets on the way!!!!!

• One REALLY BIG project that's going to ensure I don't see the sun until sometime in July!!!!!! :sun:
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I normally attend the show anyway, but for the first time in ages I'll have a table at the show!…

The artist lineup is quite amazing, really a who's who of sketch cards:

:icondangerous-beauty778: :picknose:

I mentioned this elsewhere, but I feel like Joe Blanton on the Phillies pitching staff. :blush:

Look forward to seeing you there! :love:
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Kris from tipped me off to this, an amazing deal at! Free shipping too, hooray! :dance:…

Or if you want them in a pretty case for $3 more -…

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I uploaded the last of my Star Wars Galaxy 6 sketch cards. I did 50 Hobby, 50 Retail. I didn't want to inundate everyone with messages, but I normally thank everyone for every favorite of my work. These cards have been faved by SO MANY awesome DA folks that I just didn't respond to those who faved each one. Thanks to all of you for following my work! :yoda:

What's on my plate now....

• COMMISSIONS! I still owe some of you work, and believe me, I'm trying to get them done in a respectable timeframe. By the time I get home from work I'm usually caring for my daughter (Mommy has day-duty and is usually wiped out by the evening), and when she finally goes to sleep, Daddy's usually ready for sleep too. :)  I had a rough go with a few commissions I was working on, one I just could not get to look right and had to give up on. Thankfully the buyer was understanding. That was a real bummer, I'm still angry with myself over it. :(

• Vampirella from Breygent - This should be fun. :)

• Dungeon Dolls from Bad Axe Studios - More fun! Pin-up stuff isn't really my forte, but by the time I'm finished, it just might be. I did enjoy working on the Bettie Page set, which I think is some of my best work. :D

• Maybe some more things for Cult-Stuff.

• Something else that I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about yet. It's a property I was hoping to work on years ago, finally got the nod. :)

I think that's it. I love having work to keep busy, but I gotta tell ya, Daddy's dead tired. :sleep:

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So I did both Hobby and Retail cards for this. I'm not saying how many I did just yet, but over the next week or so I'll post groups of them and will eventually post them all.

For the Hobby version, they are all full color and instead of doing more character-based images, I went with all landscapes and wide shots. I've done some like this in the past, but I went all out on these.

For the Retail ones, I gave a nod to the 1951 Topps Red Back baseball cards. The design isn't exactly the same, but having the character in the diamond shape is a straight up reference. I also scoured for some obscure creatures, ended up drawing a few I didn't even know existed!

So bear with me as I sporadically post these, and hopefully you'll stay on for the ride. :yoda:
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Now it takes a lot for me to get riled up over something, and I'm probably letting this bother me more than I should, but some of the reactions from sketch card collectors dumbfounds me.

Let me start this by saying buying unopened product is a gamble. Sure there are odds to hit autographs and sketch cards, but aside from the guarantee of one per XX packs, you don't know exactly WHO you're going to get - both in artist and subject. There are unbelievable artists that have raised the bar pretty much as high as it can go. And hey, I appreciate the fact that someone has all day to work on one small card and can dedicate themselves like that, because it truly shows in their work. But there are collectors that see this and expect to get that every time. It's actually gotten to the point where on a thread over on the Scoundrel boards somebody complained about opening a case, one that guarantees a sketch per box, mind you... out of the 8 boxes they got 15 sketch cards (and a printing plate to boot) consisting of amazing artwork by popular artists Cat Staggs, Kevin Graham, Mike Duron, Alex Buechel, and others (including one of mine, which is probably why this is bugging me so). Now, who would imagine someone would be unhappy with that? The collector's reaction was, "My one case pulls. That is really all I have to say." Then they followed it up with, "I am sure no one wants to hear it but this case feels like a straight waste of my time and money. Just one great sketch would have made things worth it but Topps piled all those into a group of cases instead of spreading them out. I feel Topps dropped a smoke screen of sketches, a flash bang that merely tried to distract us of how jacked up things still really are there."

Wow. "...a straight waste of my time and money." That really hit me hard because I pour a lot of my own time and talent into my work, as I know most sketch card artists do. I have a newborn at home, and around the Christmas madness managed to devote every moment I had available into trying to make all my cards for this set great. Will they sell for thousands? No. Am I proud of them? Heck yeah! Will you be happy to find one for your collection? I hope so. :D  But to have someone dump on all that work because it wasn't an Adam Hughes signed by Mark Hamill just.... ARGH! :crazy:

If you're looking for work by a specific artist, save your money on the "unknown" sealed packages and purchase the card on the secondary market. Or here's an even better idea - commission something directly from the artist. At least that way you'll get exactly what you want, and won't have to deal with the troublesome wasted time and money.

And I'm not ending this Journal with that. To those of you who look forward to my work on these sets (and many of you email me telling me so), thank you. You make continually doing this fun, and I appreciate the support. :) I'll be posting my Galaxy 6 work here soon, just like to leave some element of surprise. :yoda:

Sorry for the rant. It's just you get one bad apple and it leaves that super-sour taste in your mouth. :(
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