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Galaxy 7 came out on Wednesday, and from what I've seen on Ebay sketch card sales are quite healthy. A few of my cards have surfaced and already fetched well over $100 each (one went for $175), so it seems my acid trip was well-received. :D

Another note about Star Wars, I just got back from seeing The Phantom Menace in 3D. The 3D didn't really pop off the screen as much as I was expecting, but it was still cool. The Darth Maul duel at the end was amazing.

In other news....

• My Tarzan sketch cards are on their way back to Cryptozoic. I'm not really sure when the set is due to release.

• I'm finishing up sketch cards for Monsterwax's Spook Show set. The set came out right around Christmas, my cards will be inserted into the 2nd wave of boxes.

• Speaking of 2nd wave, The Bettie Page Private Collection 2 has been announced and I'll working on more sketch cards. Hopefully they use my Bettie at the beach piece for the base set this go-around.

• I'm signed up for another space-themed set. Not sure if I can say what yet, but I'm excited as it's something I've been bugging the company about for the past year.

• Also may be doing some more work for Famous Fabrics, we'll see how it goes. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW is due out this Thursday. Once it's released I'll be able to share the bazillion pieces I did for it. I'm really excited to see the finished product! It's gonna be expensive, but I'd like to pick up a few of my base cards.

• Still in the dark on The Avengers and Night of the Living Dead from Unstoppable Cards. I hope they get cracking on them soon, I'm itching to dig into NOTLD.

• I've still got another few commissions to finish up.

• Outside of cards, I'm working hard on a new tshirt design for Scares That Care.

• Even though I'm not attending Star Wars Celebration VI, I still plan on doing a piece that would have been used for a print. Maybe even a couple, I've had a few ideas floating around in my head that I'd love to sit down and flesh out.

• I'm probably going to skip Wizard World Philly this year. There's just too much going on that I don't think I'll be able to get prepared in time.
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I've never set up at a comic show, let alone a Wizard one, but I'm seriously considering this one.

I've attended the show a few years ago and it was pretty crazy. The tables are $300 which isn't a huge deal considering I won't have the overhead of needing a hotel room or extreme travel.

Can anyone help sway me one way or another? What can I expect? Based on my portfolio here I obviously don't do a lot of comic art, but would someone with my style of work do ok? I'm always afraid to do prints due to copyright issues, but I've heard many people say if you don't overdo it it's no big deal. Just don't want to piss off the big boys, ya know?
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Well, got word I will not be there. Pretty bummed about it, but oh well. There's always next time. :yoda:
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Check out the article above about Scares That Care. The second question delves into the genesis of the logo I helped design.

Scares That Care logo by tdastick
The "secret" project I've been working on is the base card art for Famous Fabrics' 1600 Pennsylvania Ave set!

Check out the writeup on the NSU blog:…


I didn't do the artwork for the dog cards, but all the Presidents and First Ladies are my work. The Dolly Madison art on the autograph card shown appears to be from a painting, so there looks to be some other artwork as well. But all in all I did about 100 pieces for this set. It just about killed me (and I've still got a few additional last-minute pieces to finish), but I'm extremely proud of my work on this set. Seeing my artwork coupled with an Abraham Lincoln autograph is an incredible thrill.

Once the set releases I'll upload my original work here.

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  • Listening to: Nirvana is running another of my tshirt designs for the next 24 hours for just $10!


"He slimed Mee Mee Mee Moo."
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Hope everyone has a lot of great stuff to look forward to in 2012!

Here's what I've got going on to start the year:

• ran my Skeletour shirt and the response was great! Got a few other designs in the pipeline over there, hopefully they run some more of my work.

• Secret Project - Still have a few last-minute additions to finish up, hopefully that's the last and these will be released sometime next month.

• Dungeon Dolls - Latest word is the card sets are finishing being packaged and sent out soon.

• Star Wars Galaxy 7 - Still waiting on final approval on my sketch cards, once I get the go-ahead I'll share a few. :yoda:

• Spook Shows - Working on sketch cards for Wave 2. Fun set!

• Night of the Living Dead and Avengers (tv series) - Still waiting on the blanks to show up. I'm itching to get to work on NOTLD!

• Tarzan 100th Anniversary - Doing a handful, cool subject.

• Scares That Care - Got to get cracking on my end of the new tshirt design.

• Commissions - Still have a few to tie up.

• Star Wars Celebration VI? - Hoping to hear back from the Celebration folks on my application for Artist's Alley. I was invited to Japan a few years ago, but it was, you know, in Jappan - a little tough to make happen. Then last year my wife was about to pop with our daughter so I had to withdraw soon after I applied. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes.... whatever you've got available that I get the invite! :yoda:

No other convention plans at the moment, but who knows where I'll end up. Maybe I'll be at a show near you (and hopefully you're in Orlando ;)).
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Hope everybody has a great one! :santa:
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Until midnight tonight, head over to RIPT Apparel and get your very own Skeletour '83 shirt designed by yours truly! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your friends' enemies!


Get yourself what you REALLY want for Christmas... this shirt! :D
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I've got to give props to John Soukup :iconkettleart: for the fantastic job he did on his part of Jam Card #1 (I'm still working on #2). This card is way cool!!

Galaxy 7 Topps Galaxy Colab with Ted Dastick Jr by kettleart

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Hi everyone. I don't get to check in here too often, so I'm way behind in comments and stuff (I do like to respond to everyone), but I wanted to update everyone on the projects I'm working on in the meantime.

• Commissions - Got 1 of 2 large pieces done for someone who's been patiently waiting since February. I'm embarrassed it's taken so long, but thankfully there wasn't a deadline set. I've been trying to get them done recently, just so tough to set aside enough time. I hate working on things a little bit here, a little bit there. I prefer having large blocks of time set aside to work on stuff, which I normally don't have.

Also have a set of 6 card commissions I do need to get done before Christmas as they're gifts.

• Secret project - I still don't know if I'm officially allowed to announce my involvement yet, but I've been asked to do a few more pieces, so that's also on the front burner.

• Dungeon Dolls - I did upload one card here, but printing errors have delayed release of the set. I think they're shooting for mid-January now.

• Star Wars Galaxy 7 - It wouldn't be Christmas without a Galaxy deadline! :D I'm doing these way different than usual, I hope they're received well. I normally get the most comments on my crazier ones, so hopefully these go over.

Also doing 2 jam cards with another artist whose style is radically different from my own - fun challenge! :yoda:

• Spook Show - These are due out soon as well, fun subject! Check out for more. This stuff's right up my alley.

• Night of the Living Dead and Avengers (tv series) - Just waiting on blanks, have some cool ideas for NOTLD. This is another dream set for me, I'm SO into the subject matter! Now if they just follow it up with Dawn and Day sets...

• Tarzan 100th Anniversary - Yup, I'm working on these too. Had to pass on Walking Dead Season 1 due to other commitments, so I'm glad to be working for Cryptozoic.

• Scares That Care - Working on a t-shirt design similar to the Horrorfind Convention stuff I do every year.

I think that's all I've committed to at the moment. I'm at the point where I reluctantly have to turn jobs down, which sucks because honestly I'd love to work on everything thrown my way. I don't mind drawing things I personally don't care about (subject-wise) because it becomes fun to try something new.

Thanks for sticking with me, everyone. :)
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I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I just got the OK to do so - my painting of Donovan McNabb is currently being used as a set dressing for The Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro.

Donovan McNabb painting by tdastick

Very cool stuff. They're filming right now in Philly so I was able to hand deliver it to the production studio a little while back. Hopefully it makes it into some decent shots in the film. Exciting! :D
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So yup, I am still alive. I didn't fall off the edge of the Earth. Actually had a nice 8-day vacation in Disney World and my mind is still down there. My daughter had a blast, it was nice to just get away from EVERYTHING for a while.

Now I'm back at the grind. Got a few updates for you:

• Fellow Sketch Card artist Michael "Locoduck" Duron does caricatures in Disney World, and as luck would have it he was set up at our hotel for two days. We commissioned him to do one of my daughter as Tinkerbell which came out fantastic! Be sure to check out his stuff.

• Got a nice unexpected surprise in the mail. Back when I was drawing cartoons I had submitted some things to Aquarium Fish Magazine (now Aquarium Fish International and Aquarium USA). In the mystery package were copies of the November issue and the 2011 Annual... with my comics in them. Oh, I didn't mention.... I sent these out 7 YEARS AGO! I knew they had a backlog (I hadn't had any correspondence with them for a good 6 years), but man, 7 YEARS!! Well, at least they finally saw the light of day which is pretty cool. They also colored them, all I sent were b&w line art. When I can I'll post them on here. But in the meantime I think you can find these at your local Petsmart.

7 YEARS!! :o

• My "mystery" project should be seeing the light of day in the next couple months. Can't wait to share with everyone.

• Dungeon Dolls has been delayed due to printing errors, hopefully Axebone can get everything straightened out soon. I know he's been going insane trying to get this set out the door.

I haven't posted my sketch card samples here yet, but they're elsewhere online if you want to do some searching.

• Still waiting on blanks to arrive for 3 sets (of course they're all gonna arrive at once), and I've already got one thing lined up for 2012.

• I'm trying to catch up on my commission list. I've chipped away a bit at it, and I'm trying to get them done before the blanks I'm waiting on arrive.
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Most of what I've uploaded recently is now available on Ebay, check it out!…

AUCTIONS END TODAY! Well, a few tomorrow. :)
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Well, Chicagoland has come and gone! I made the most of my trip, but it seemed like one crappy thing after another happened while on the trip - the rental car cost more than expected, my shoe fell apart (seriously), my daughter was pretty sick while I was away and my wife followed suit.... just a series of events making me feel like I should have stayed home. Wish I could have been home for them.

Still made the most of it and had a good time at the show meeting collectors and many other artists who I didn't know of until then. Didn't sell a whole lot which was a pretty big bummer, so I've got a lot of leftover artwork from the show. Pretty much anything I've posted recently that was to be available at the show is still available, let me know if you're interested. I also have a few more things to post as well.

Sunday was cool - got to go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field (I'm a HUGE baseball fan so this was pretty damned exciting), and ate the best pizza I've ever had - authentic Chicago deep dish. Yum!

The Bettie Page Private Collection was also released over the weekend. The set looks great, and as I was flipping through it I noticed..... my art for the base set wasn't in it. Was pretty disappointing, but there is Set 2 in the pipeline, so I've got that to look forward to.

My cousin made the trip with me which was awesome. If he wasn't there I would have probably lost my mind.
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Heading to Chicago tonight, should be a great show!… I've been posting a whole mess of new stuff that I'll have available at the show, come buy something. :)

Also, word is the Bettie Page Private Collection sets are shipping and will be available this weekend at the show, can't wait to see how they turned out. A ton of time and effort has been put into this set, it looks all around to be a big winner. I'm glad to be part of it. I posted my base card art, but I've been holding off posting my sketches. I'll let some of them surface first. It's nice to be surprised.

Once I return from Chicagoland I'll be catching up on my commissions.
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And I'm still getting prepared. :sleepy: I'll have lots of original artwork for sale. Hope to see you there!…

Looks to be a fantastic finale (last show!). Lots of great guests lined up, glad to be part of it. :)

Captain America PSC by tdastick Buffy PSC by tdastick

Jurassic Park PSC by tdastick Mysterious Island 2-card PSC by tdastick

Samurai Belushi PSC by tdastick James Bond PSC by tdastick
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Well, I'm FINALLY caught up on "official" card set work. Secret project is done and out the door, and I finally turned in my Dungeon Dolls sketch cards (thanks, Axe!). Got some things in the pipeline, but I'm still waiting on materials so my time now is turning to my very much overdue commission work. I've got some outstanding Bettie Page commissions from the Philly show back in May - yes, it's taken me this long to get to them. I can't apologize enough for the wait, and I'll be getting on them right away. I didn't want to rush them with all the other stuff going on, so I'll have the time now to get em done. One I need to paint, so that'll take some time. I've got a few larger pieces to finish up for someone else, and a few other odds and ends, but at least nothing that'll keep me up late EVERY night.

I'm also trying to get myself ready for Chicagoland… - less than two weeks away!! As I get things done I'll have more work to post here, give everyone a taste of what I'll be bringing to the show. Given it's only a one day show (two if you count Friday night, but not sure how long it'll actually go on), I may not bring my supplies to do on-site work. But I'll be flying into Chicago Thursday night, and aside from heading out to lunch with my cousin (who's making the trek with me), Friday will pretty much be open so I was considering working on some stuff at the hotel before the show starts that night. I guess it all depends on how much I get done between now and then. I really don't feel like lugging all my supplies with me, but we'll see. Sunday we'll be hitting the Cubs game at Wrigley, should be cool, I've always wanted to go to a game there. Gonna miss my family, will be the first time I'll be spending an extended time away from my daughter. She's been having a lot of medical issues for a while and is scheduled to undergo a procedure tomorrow morning. She's a tough little kid! I hope she doesn't get mad at me for not being around next weekend - weekends are normally "Daddy" time! At least we have a Disney trip in the works for next month, can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to a week away from ANY type of work!!!

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If you're in or near Gettysburg, PA, right now.... why are you reading this? You should be at Horrorfind Weekend - The Spookiest Show on Earth - which starts today! And while you're there, be one of the cool kids and BUY A SHIRT!! :D

Horrorfind Weekend 13 by tdastick
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Next year will be the 50th Anniversary for the landmark Mars Attacks card set from Topps (Bubbles)! Would you like to see them celebrate in style with some new releases? Tell Topps you want MORE MARS ATTACKS!!!

Stop reading this journal right now and email them -

Seriously, do it! Stop reading!!! Why are you still reading this? Email Topps, demand more Mars Attacks!!

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